Take Action

Sign the Petition for your LGA.

Want to do more to support your local chapter? Email your local chapter head who started your LGA’s petition to get involved. Also, make sure you like your chapter’s Facebook page to see new posts.

Can’t see a petition for your LGA? See next steps

Start a New Chapter.

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Join the Movement.

Want to show support and get counted as a supporter but can’t see a petition for your LGA? Please sign up as a supporter and get notified if a local chapter for your LGA is starting.

Write to your councillors.

Write to your local councillors asking for footpaths and crossings or 30km/h limits within 2km radius of schools in your LGA. If you live in NSW, you can point out that through the TfNSW Covid recovery programmes, the council now has more powers to make walking and cycling safe: https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/projects/01documents/popup-covid-19-infrastructure/nsw-street-treatments-for-covid-recovery.pdf

Help to distribute our flyer.

Would you be happy to hand out flyers in your local neighbourhood or at school pick up time? Contact us at info@safe-streets-to-school.org