Stop putting children in danger!

Safe Streets to School Wollongong

We need your support to call for immediate action from Wollongong Council.

Safe Streets to School is about more kids walking and riding safely to school.
Kids want to walk and ride to school but sadly, poor infrastructure and outdated traffic management plans in our LGA do not provide the safe streets they need.

Kids who could be improving their fitness and independence are being
chauffeured over short distances by parents, who lack confidence in
their local streets to keep their children safe.

As a result our streets are subject to tens of thousands more car trips
every year, making them even less safe and clogging up roads with
unnecessary traffic, morning and afternoon.

Safe Streets to School is asking within 2km of every school in the LGA for: 


Pedestrian priority crossings on streets with speed limits 40km/h and higher 


Footpaths on streets with speed limits 40km/h and higher 

or 30km/h limits

30km/h speed limits for streets where there are no pedestrian priority crossings or footpaths

Who are we?

We are a group of concerned residents and volunteers who have come together to campaign for safe streets for children to walk or ride to school, the whole way from their home to school. We are currently gathering signatures on our petition as well as engaging the community and stakeholders on making school journeys safe.

If you want to get involved with the campaign or have a media enquiry please email

How can I help?

Help us collect data on the complaints that you have made to Council, Police, RMS/TfNSW, State MPs, schools etc about dangerous streets in Wollongong.

Please sign and share our petition. Kids can sign our petition too as long as they are old enough to understand it.

Email pictures or videos of dangerous places for us to publish on our #schooljourneyfails section to

Does this matter?

Active travel to school comes with significant mental and physical health benefits for kids and long-term public health benefits.

The habits kids form in primary school are carried throughout life.

However Australia has one of the lowest share of walking and cycling to school out of all OECD countries and road safety concerns are one of the major barriers.